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Home Management and Homeschool Planning Binder

My Home Mangement Binder is a living breathing part of my household. Where God's Word is the steering wheel that keeps our family on course, my binder is the rudder that ensures that we are moving in the right direction.

I would love to see some other home management binders, so I decided to invite you all to a blog hop. Please share a link to your Home Management Binder below, and feel free to share a link to this blog hop to let others know as well!

Below are the main sections I currently have in my binder. Feel free to download the pdf cover for any or all that you like to use yourself. I use clear sheet protectors for each section cover.

Drop me a comment if you would like to request a specific section to be added, and I'd be glad to make one! Just right click on the image to view or download the pdf version.

Section Covers    
Home Management Binder Cover Free Printable  

Binder Cover

I use a binder that allows for a page to be inserted on the front cover.


Scripture Memorization Free Printable  

Scripture Memorization

Here I keep a running list of all the Bible verses that I've memorized. I review some or all of these on a daily basis and try to add frequently to the list.

Scripture Memorization List Scripture Memorization List Free Printable


Time Management Free Printable Free Printable  

Time Managment

In this section I keep a page with a yearly calendar, as well as my monthly calendar pages.

Habit Formation Free Printable  

Habit Formation

I use this section for the kids' chores and habits. I have checklists of those habits and chores they each are learning.

Home Blessing Free Printable  

Home Blessing

This section is for my cleaning schedules - daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

Menu Planning Free Printable  

Menu Planning

Weekly and/or monthly menu plans

Recipes Free Printable  


My binder does not have enough room to keep ALL my recipes here, so I have a separate binder for recipes, but this is a great place to keep the recipes I plan on using this week. Some are full page printouts from my recipe binder and some are index cards.

Shopping Free Printable  


I have a NEEDS list and a WANTS list. Needs are those things I have to budget for as a priority - things we MUST have. The wants list are things that are not absolutely necessary for us to live. Being able to distinguish between needs and wants has greatly helped me in being more frugal with our budget.

Shopping Lists Shopping Lists Free Printable
Needs and Wants List Needs and Wants list free printable
Projects Free Printable  


Any projects that I'm currently working on or would like to tackle in the future go in this section.

Family Activities & Trips Free Printable  

Family Activities

Any planning or information that I've gathered for day trips or vacations go in this section.

Money Management Free Printable  

Money Management

I have a separate money management system where I log our income and expenses, but here I keep my budget for our general expenses. This helps me to keep an eye on how much we are spending on little things throughout the month.

Monthly General Expense Log Scripture Memorization List Free Printable


Home Schooling Free Printable  

Home Schooling

Here I only keep my curriculum plan for the year and calendars.

Course of Study Free Printable  

Course of Study

Our homeschooling curriculum plan for the year is in this section. I also write down ideas of resources I am considering for the future.

Journals Free Printable  


Here I keep calendars for each of the children, as well as my "journal" where I write down the activities for each day (planned for the next days; and also as they occur)

Feel free to add your link below and visit some of the other Home Management and Homeschooling Binder systems as well!
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